Alfred F Jones || 24 || Alpha
well my dad let me run our familys company, my brother often helps me ... even if he's an omega. His name is Matthew and it's the most amazing omega in the world, that means you won't touch him. Leave a question if you have any! Please and thank you.
M!A: none
Admin: Gaby/fraddie
"Ok! This is a blog for Alfred , mainly buuuut imma include Matthew too cause he's a sweetie, ok? all good? awesome."
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hoooly shit i need to update huh?
I just woke up in the middle of the night cause coke. never drink coke before bed.
I swear I’ll update tomorrow night. 
Poor babu was kept here alone. //pats muse

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sorry for the lack of posts guys!
am really busy this week and maybe a bit from the next one too.
i’ll be back in no time :3 »

My Neighbour Totoro??

« nooope »

Frozen ?

«  Nope. Come oooonnn, it’s the only thing colored in the pic xD. »

Kiki's delivery service ?

« nope, guess again! it’s in 3D »